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Core Product Suite


Having all of your data in a single place gives you the opportunity to track player life-cycles, accurately segment your database and deliver targeted marketing messages, increasing your potential for driving revenue business-wide. The Hub is our unique convergence platform, capable of consolidating your raw data to provide a single customer view.

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Manage patron journeys through their lifecycle, automatically identify player clusters and deliver highly targeted messages based on real-time actions. Automate your direct mailing programs and integrate marketing messages across all your channels.

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Empower Casino Hosts to maximize the value from their players and increase the productivity of your entire Player Development team. Instant data and smarter decisions is only a finger tap away.

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Convert your online gaming data into powerful marketing strategies for generating greater revenue. The iGaming module will provide your marketing team with the ability to build measurable marketing campaigns targeted specifically to your players’ desires and preferences. Increase your player acquisition and value, reduce attrition and accelerate campaign performance.

Traffgen delivers player insight at an unprecedented level

Everything we do is specifically designed to maximize your player engagement.

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