TraffGen offers a range of managed services based upon its Hub player insight & monetization platform. Our Professional Services team consists of some of the finest analysts, cross-marketing, conversion and monetization experts in the world.

Hub licensees can select from any or all of the following service modules, all on a month-by-month basis thus avoiding expensive, long-term contracts. Just pick what you need, when you need it, and then switch it off.

Player Base Evaluation

We will start by obtaining a single-player view across any number of independent databases/products. Then TraffGen analysts will segment the total dataset to provide a view of True Value and True Cost. This segmentation can then be used by the Hub to provide real-time reporting, reflex marketing & propensity tools that not only respond to player’s behavior but also use Machine Learning to improve and evolve over time.

Immediately, you will be able to see clusters of value in your player base, respond to players that have not progressed to their highest value, and make decisions that drive significant growth in revenue across your businesses & platforms.

Community Management

Actively managed communities can drive revenue in social gaming, and improve ROI from cross-marketing marketing spend. TraffGen manages communities across the globe, interacting with thousands of players every day. By selecting TraffGen’s Community Management services you will get a fully managed community with no lead-time and no investment in systems or staff:

  • 24-7 community moderation in any of 12 languages.

  • Innovative promotions targeted not only to your brand but to support cross- and acquisition marketing campaigns.

  • Issue identification & management – respond to CS problems before they have a negative impact on your business.

  • Gather intelligence on the player’s purchase decisions and influence viral behavior.

The Hub is able to listen to player’s opinions and use this social data to drive engagement in Facebook and beyond.

Product Optimization

Our clients use TraffGen’s product optimization services to quickly and effectively optimize game settings, layouts, promotions, unlock points, buy coins options, bet sizes and every other variable that can influence customer journeys and lifetime values.

With full visibility to the tools used, you will be able to bring the expertise of the TraffGen Product Optimization Team into your product & marketing staff. All knowledge is transferred into the client who then is able to take on the tasks in-house.

The result is ongoing improvement in monetization, player session lengths, spend per session and maximum ROI on marketing & game license/development fees. Not only that, but the organisational learning to ensure long-term growth.

Strategic & Operational Consulting

TraffGen’s clients rely on us to help provide strategic and operational expertise to their Boards and beyond. When considering the business case for entering a new, digital vertical, having access to an elite team of experienced digital gaming strategists can deliver immediate benefits.

We can help determine digital strategy, build a business case around digital brand extension, determine what the true return on a digital investment will be and provide insight in how to enter what is a rapidly growing, but increasingly competitive market.

Case Study: land-based & online gaming business moving into social

A client has a significant land-based casino business and also has been operating real money wagering in selected regulated markets for some time. They have no experience or expertise in social gaming, but the Board recognizes that it poses both a competitive opportunity and threat.

TraffGen were engaged to:

  • Build a business strategy for launching a new social gaming business that must be able to be a viable business in its own right and not just another marketing cost-center.

  • Evaluate all potential suppliers of social gaming platforms. Detailed technical, organizational and commercial due diligence was performed.

  • Once the client had determined to enter the social space, TraffGen project managed the entire design & build of the business including setting up technology & processes and managing all internal & 3rd party stakeholders.

  • Upon launch, TraffGen was asked to provide a full range of operational services to enable the client to run a successful social business, but also enable it to learn best practice and bring these tasks in-house.

TraffGen delivered the project on-time and on-budget and enabled the client to enter a new vertical quickly & effectively whilst building the organization’s expertise and independence of 3rd parties.

Marketing Services

TraffGen’s unique position of producing the tools to maximize the ROI on marketing spend has led to increasing numbers of clients asking it to run digital marketing campaigns. We manage a wide range of budgets in channels such as Facebook ads, viral marketing, VIP acquisition, email & mobile marketing and PR.

Clients select us not only because of our ability to deliver high-quality traffic but also because we are significantly cheaper than agencies and the capability to manage the customer journey from ad through to monetization. There are no long-term commitments and TraffGen will coach its clients in the skills to run the most effective campaigns. Clients can then decide if and when to bring the tasks in-house. Most clients though ask us to continue acquiring customers in the long-term as we can usually deliver better results than in-house marketing teams and generalist digital agencies.

Media Buying

TraffGen’s implementation of media strategies is the core of successful media buying. We structure optimal buys in less time, negotiate hard for our clients, but play fair with our vendors. Plus, we negotiate value-enhancing opportunities and promotions that stretch media exposure for our clients.

Clients select us not only because of our ability to deliver high-quality traffic but because we maximize your marketing ROI. It’s all about getting the most out of every single dollar you spend. At TraffGen, we help clients reach more of their customers at a lower cost. Whether you’re spending $25,000 or $25,000,000 to advertise your business, let us show you how to:

  • SAVE MONEY on your media
  • Get a BETTER RETURN on your advertising investment

Snapchat Promotional Service

This new TG tool will allow clients to deliver promotions through their official Snapchat accounts, enabling businesses to run a range of Snapchat specific promotions, including:

  • Time-sensitive coupons

  • Scheduled daily promos

  • Broadcast messages

Using this tool, businesses will have the potential to reach Snapchat’s maturing demographic and capitalize on the enormous viral potential it holds.

TG’s Hub will also allow clients to consolidate social campaigns run across Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and more, enabling them to increase their ROI whilst reducing promotional spend on more traditional advertising methods.


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