The Printer Inc (TPI) & Traffgen Launch A Dynamic Social Gaming Platform

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October 1, 2017


The Printer Inc (TPI) & Traffgen Launch A Dynamic Social Gaming Platform

Chicago, IL (September 29, 2017) – Traffgen, a market-leading technology company, is excited to announce the delivery of the TPI Social Gaming Platform (SGP) at an industry trade show (G2E) in the first week of October 2017.  Traffgen partnered with The Printer Inc (TPI) to embed its marketing & player management technology into the TPI mobile app developed by TPI to deliver a dynamic, unified social gaming experience in a single app.

The SGP is an engagement engine providing a personalized, highly curated interaction with players. The engine offers are a range of tools that enable the casino to proactively manage the player experience of promotions & remote gaming as they become more engaged with the casino brand. The game events and player data are recorded in TG’s Hub marketing platform to generate the widest & deeply configurable KPI’s in real-time. The SGP is built to provide data-driven insights into the powerful extension to the casino brand available today.

Bill Anderson, Vice President Business Development of Traffgen USA stated, “we are thrilled that TPI has selected our technology to help build the TPI SGP..  The Social Gaming Platform (SGP) is a dynamic gaming platform embedded into the TPI Mobile app. The single app philosophy integrates all the features and functionality required to provide a rich gaming experience. After being logged into the concierge app, the customer can access the games library, see point balances, message casino personnel, and receive the most highly targeted and relevant marketing messages. ”

Kane Johnson, the Vice President of Sales at TPI commented. “We pride ourselves on giving the players the most memorable gaming experience possible and we are excited to work with Traffgen to bring the (SGP) to casino operators. ” He added, ”The SGP platform is complementary to all the other features in our mobile app and we look forward to working more with Traffgen in future.”  Two of the biggest advantages of the TPI SPG it comes with the industry’s best revenue share and the operator has access to all the player data collected. The (SGP) will be delivered at G2E Oct 3 to 5, 2017 at The Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas.

About Traffgen

TraffGen was founded in 2014, the company’s head office is in Chicago. TraffGen is at the heart of gaming convergence, providing the world’s only dedicated casino marketing & player management platform. It comprises a range of marketing tools, analytics, player development systems & marketing services to clients spanning all casino sectors. TraffGen technology  powers data driven insights to gaming companies to implement player engagement, retention and development strategies. TraffGen has agreements with blue chip clients (Novamatic, Wynn) as well as others around the world ranging from the largest casino groups to mid-sized tribal & commercial casinos. For more information about The Hub, please visit

About The Printer Inc (TPI)

The Printer, Inc. (TPI) is a Des Moines based full service printer specializing in complex variable data printing for the casino gaming industry. We are a privately held company that founded in 1973. With our new ventures into the mobile and digital spaces we are bringing decades of experience and support to a team with the goal of becoming the gold standard of consumer-facing digital offerings in the industry.

With years of experience in providing direct marketing solutions for the casino gaming industry, TPI has earned an unparalleled reputation in the management and output of data-driven offer communications. When TPI noticed that the mobile tech industry had applied the tools of the existing mobile app space to the gaming industry, TPI saw things differently. We developed the only casino-first mobile marketing tool disrupting the industry and showing players their offers in an efficient form, giving them a reason to use the app as well as increase their time in and visits to the property.

We understand that millions of dollars and impressions are on the line every time our customers reach their patrons, and we embrace and execute it!  It is this flawless execution of high-risk, high-value variable data initiatives that distinguish TPI from our competition

About Global Gaming Expo

Global Gaming Expo was founded in 2012. It is the international gaming trade show and conference, showcasing the technologies, services, and products of exhibitors while providing an atmosphere to buy/sell, network and learn. G2E offers a comprehensive view of the industry in core-gaming, igaming, food and beverage, and hospitality.  Find out more at www.globalgamingexpo.

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